Review Of The Blink Video Doorbell + Mini Camera With Sync Module 2


If you have a Blink Subscription, and you are thinking about adding the Blink video doorbell & Mini camera with sync module 2 to your existing setup, this is the one for you.

Now you can experience 1080 HD day and infrared night video, motion detection, and two-way audio with Video Doorbell and Mini.

The Pros of Being an Existing Blink Subscriber.

  1. There is no additional cost other than the bundled price
  2. The Blink app., Cloud Storage, and Downloading images & Videos are FREE!


The Cons

  1. If you aren’t a Blink customer, you must purchase a sync module 2.
  2. Add the camera to module 2 which will act as a server.
  3. Also, need to purchase a memory stick


Now you can experience convenience, security, and peace of mind by purchasing your Blink video doorbell + mini camera with sink module 2.




 Become A Blink Subscriber!

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