Hands-on with the new 15-inch MacBook Air

Apple just announced the new MacBook Air 15, a 15-inch version of the most popular laptop in the world. I just saw it in person. As you can probably guess, it’s just like the smaller MacBook Air, but now it’s bigger.

There were literally no surprises from the hands-on. It feels just like the 13.5-inch model from last year. It’s thinner and lighter and less dense than a 16-inch MacBook Pro, as you’d expect, with a screen that isn’t as nice. It does have six speakers, but I didn’t get to test them.

Apple claims 18 hours of battery life from this one, which starts at $1,234 today (it’s already on sale) and ships next week, while the 13-inch Air with M2 starts at $1,099. Those are very competitive prices with Windows laptops.


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