LEGOs Massive Disney Castle Set Even Includes Fireworks


Bring Disney World’s famous monument into your home.


In celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, LEGO is launching a massive Disney Castle set that contains 4,837 individual pieces. The set is based on Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World, and it includes a bunch of interesting details, such as fireworks.

The LEGO Disney Castle stands 31.5 inches tall and 23 inches wide. It’s quite large, though if you look at the castle’s backside, you’ll notice that the whole thing is sliced in half—this makes it more fun for kids, but it also allows you to shove the castle right against a wall.

Each room in the castle is a reference to Disney’s vast catalog. One room contains Sleeping Beauty’s bed, for example, while another holds Aladdin’s lamp. But the bottom of the castle is a ballroom, which is fitting, as this set includes eight minifigs of famous Disney couples. (Specifically the couples from Princess and the FrogCinderellaTangled, and Snow White.)

This is just one of the many LEGO Disney sets launched in 2023. Earlier this year, LEGO debuted some collectible Disney minifigs, a large Little Mermaid set, and even a set that celebrates Disney’s greatest villains.

The LEGO Disney Castle goes on sale July 4th and costs $400. It’s intended for adults, though of course, it’s something that kids will love to see. Note that LEGO VIP members can buy this set three days early.

LEGO Disney Castle

Bring Disney World’s Cinderella Castle into your home with LEGO’s new and massive Disney Castle set. It launches on July 4th.

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